A W.I.P youtube series :D

I’m making a neeew seeries :O

What is this series? you’re probably thinking. (That’s right, I can read your thoughts.) Well it’s currently work-in-progress (as you can see from the title of this post up there) so i’m still fine-tuning the storyline. I’ve got the logo done, though, which has three of the main characters. I hope you’ll like it! 😀


In this logo you can see Lightfeather, one of the three Sensei. Then there’s Boa, the rabbit, who is currently under the training of Lightfeather, and last there’s Darkshadow, who is a pig and the evil third Sensei.

This series will be mostly drawing-based.


Hello and welcome to my first blog post! 😀
I hope you have fun reading my (soon to be) awesome blog!
Buuuuut first, some stuff about me!
My likes: Youtube, Minecraft, Interwebs, Stampy, John Green books, and a whole lot more!
My dislikes: Bad grammar, sushi, broccoli, and mean people.
My nicknames: Marshmallow, Tbird, Tbee (only by my closest friends so DON’T YOU DARE CALL ME THAT YOU EVIL PEOPLE.)
My favorite foods: Mac ‘n Cheese, Cheeseburgers (Only with gluten-free buns though.) Marshmallows, and pretty much any sugary things.. yummeh
My Minecraft avatar: tbirdrocks
My favorite server: CrazyPig’s Family Friendly Minecraft
My favorite bands/music artists: Sanuksanan サヌゴサナン, Queen, (aww heck yeah we are the champions!) and a lot of other things that I don’t have time to list.
My idol: Stampylonghead
My youtube: Tbirdrocks S (look it up and subscribe!)
Soooo I think my post is long enough now, just keep an eye out for my manga, comics, minecraft and more!
(~^w^)~ ~(^w^~)